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Media tours are a series of TV, radio and online interviews conducted in a single day from a single location. It allows your spokesperson to be interviewed by multiple outlets around the country without the expense of traveling to each market. Interviews are typically booked in 5-10 minute windows.

As an industry leader, Dream Network Media is a trusted producer of broadcast media tours thanks to the veteran professionals we staff. DN Media delivers the technical expertise that makes your media tour network quality. We offer a premium service of this tried and true public relations broadcast technique that embeds your message on television newscasts in targeted markets across the U.S.  using the latest livestreaming technologies.

Our media bookers secure TV programs tailored to your specifications and are involved throughout the entire creative process, offering a hand to craft the perfect pitch for your message in your intended markets.

Media tours produced by us can be booked with our highly-requested spokesperson, the charismatic Dayvee Sutton, or the TV expert of your choice. We can also help you cast the perfect spokesperson for your broadcast campaign from our database of dynamic TV experts.

A media tour will economically and efficiently deliver the kind of high impact, measurable television exposure you demand and your message deserves. 

We offer three versions (3) of media tours that can be customized specifically for your campaign.

A broadcast media tour, typically known as satellite media tours or SMTs,  is a series of back-to-back TV interviews conducted with affiliates, stations, and networks across the country during the course of several hours. Conducted from either a studio or field location, a broadcast media tour is typically produced for  morning and afternoon news programs.

DN Media has now resumed producing full sized media tours for lifestyle and travel brands only. Our tours are typically presented by our highly-requested spokesperson, Dayvee Sutton. We can also host your tour with a spokesperson on your choice.  *Dayvee only accepts one campaign per month and is booked out months in advance. Contact us to inquire about her services.

Check out some case studies of previous campaigns.

CLICK HERE to jump to a case study featuring Princess Cruises.

CLICK HERE to jump to a case study featuring Priceline.

Imagine an integrated segment presented exactly how you imagined. Instead of going live with your media tour, consider our custom pre-taped video stories.

We transform your marketing message into a dynamic 90 second video story that is filmed in the style that fits within news programs and talk shows. These segments are produced on location (in-the-field) or in a studio with our charismatic host, National lifestyle and travel expert, Dayvee Sutton or the spokesperson of your choice.

After production, the DN Media team distributes this video story to your targeted market outreach nationwide. This strategy executes similar results to a Broadcast Media Tour, but is significantly less expensive. You have more control, and visually present a more polished look for your content.

We start with a strategy meeting, develop a newsworthy script, source and film the broll, video edit then professionally produce the plug-n-play segment. Your segment has the flexibility to look exactly how you want it to by deciding to produce it within a studio or on location. 

DN Media handles the distribution and placement of the final piece to stations. Placements air within one month after being distributed to stations. We deliver downloadable airchecks for every airing.

Traditionally known as a Video News Release (VNR), but our pre-taped packages are newsworthy and beautiful.

CLICK HERE to jump to a case study featuring one of our partners.

If your campaign strategy is to seek media mentions over a period of time for targeted markets, then consider choosing the on demand segment route. This strategy allows for you to package a minimum of three (3) segments over the course of one (1) to three (3) months. This strategy is also useful for brands interested in testing TV campaigns. (This is also the most economical of the media tour opportunities.) 

Additionally, for clients who want the spokesperson to present  segments live in TV studios, this is the media tour selection you should opt for.

CLICK HERE to jump to a case study featuring one of our partners.

Our pitching strategies are effective because

  • Our longstanding relationships with producers nationwide.
  • DN Media memebers have worked inside of newsrooms, so we know what they want and how it works.
  • It’s all about PESO – the Paid-Earned-Shared-Owned model. Your content has more distribution life beyond the live TV segment.
  • Charismatic presenter in Dayvee Sutton, who is the industry's best at merging your marketing points in an entertaining segment.

Custom Satellite Media Tour Case Study 1

Princess Cruises Logo

The Campaign

Princess Cruises Solar Eclipse Campaign

Dream Network Media was approached by Princess Cruises to orchestrate a high-impact media campaign for their Solar Eclipse cruise. Given a challenging timeframe of just two weeks, our goal was not only to produce engaging content but also to ensure its distribution across at least 10 targeted television stations, including one national network. The project involved broadcasting live from a moving ship—an ambitious feat given the complexities of maintaining sufficient bandwidth and technical stability at sea.

Check out the Behind-the-scenes social media post from this tour.

Challenges and Innovative Solutions

From the outset, the project presented multiple technical challenges, including potential issues with power supply and livestreaming capabilities on the ocean. Our team’s deep-seated expertise and foresight led us to prepare meticulously, implementing several innovative solutions:

  • Backup Content Creation: Understanding the risks involved with live broadcasts, we produced a backup news story ready to be dispatched to our network of stations in the event of a live segment failure.
  • Enhanced Livestreaming: To amplify the campaign’s reach and appeal, we introduced a second camera specifically to capture the solar eclipse, providing stations with additional branded live content that was not initially promised.

These preemptive strategies not only safeguarded the campaign against potential pitfalls but also significantly enriched the content’s value to broadcasters.

Results and Impact

  • The campaign exceeded all expectations:

    • Expanded Coverage: Originally tasked to book 10 stations, including one national network. Our campaign ultimately secured three (3) national shows, and coverage on 15 additional stations who took the live stream. 

Final Stations Airings sheet

Princess Final deliverables

Sky view log

Princess sky view log

    • Adaptability to Challenges: For stations unable to broadcast live, we supplied a packaged segment before the tour that they could seamlessly integrate into their programming, thereby maintaining engagement and ensuring widespread coverage.

Check out the package as it aired on one of the stations. 

Selected Featured Segments

FOX Weather

Segment Market Reach: 191,000


Segment Market Reach: 94,564

Here's what some of our producers had to say:

This was incredible! Thank you so much for joining us once again!
Fox Weather Senior Booker
Really appreciate it. Our team absolutely loves having Dayvee.
We had a great time.
Daily Blast Live

Dream Network Media’s strategic foresight, technical expertise, and creative acumen were pivotal in the overwhelming success of the Princess Cruises Solar Eclipse campaign. This project not only highlighted our team’s ability to handle complex broadcast challenges but also reinforced our reputation for delivering more than promised, enhancing both client satisfaction and viewer engagement. Through innovative solutions and a deep understanding of the broadcasting landscape, Dream Network Media continues to set the standard for excellence in customized broadcast media campaigns.


Custom Satellite Media Tour Case Study 2


The Campaign

Priceline partnered with DN Media and Dayvee Sutton to produce a custom media tour to promote their summer sale 2022.

Brand's Problem to Solve

Awareness campaign to promote that Priceline offers exclusive discounts on hotels, flights, alternative accommodations, rental cars, cruises and packages.

Brand's Goal

  • Position Priceline as a one-stop-shop for discounted travel deals for Memorial Day Weekend and beyond, enabling consumers to experience the moments that matter at a budget they can afford.
  • Raise awareness and consideration for Priceline Express Deals and VIP Loyalty Program.
  • Educate consumers on how to use/save with Priceline Express Deals® as part of the trip planning process.
  • Drive sign-ups for the VIP Loyalty Program

Brand's Marketing Message

  • Corporate Mission: Priceline strives to be the best travel deal maker in the world.
  • Company Purpose: Make travel affordable to help people be there for the moments that matter.

Our Producing Concept

Priceline brought on Dayvee Sutton to be the spokesperson for a standard virtual SMT, and also commissioned DN Media to produce a smaller custom media tour of 4 target-market TV segments on local news and lifestyle talk shows. Media tour was done live on June 16, 2022 at spokesperson’s home studio. 


  • Full day SMT (7 hours – 28 interviews)
  • 4 additional TV segments
  • Produced custom broll for media tour using client’s website and DN Media’s file video resources.
  • Two (2) additional live TV segments during the media tour.
  • Four (4) segments were on national broadcasts. Deliverable was just for local programs.
  • Picked up by MSN and other news feed services.

Scroll below to see the content.

Selected Featured Segments

First Coast News - local lifestyle program

Segment Market Reach: 24,902

Newsy - In Studio, National

Segment Market Reach: 166,456

Fox Weather - National

Segment Market Reach: 252,000

Extra distribution measured through iSpot TV.

iSpot is a TV Ad Measurement and Analytics company.

Here's what the brand manager had to say:

We have been trying to partner with Dayvee Sutton for years and I'm so glad we finally made it happen. Her delivery was impeccable, and she's one of the best in the business.
Stephanie P.
Account Supervisor


Custom Targeted Market Case Study

scottsdale logo

The Campaign

Produce and distribute custom media tour in the form of a secured placement package. 

Brand's Problem to Solve

To lure travelers to spend vacation days in the summer in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Brand's Goal

  • Destination wants to promote travel during the summer season – which is their low season due to weather (extreme heat in the desert climate).
  • Drive viewers to visit the destination’s special website ItsThatHot.com for deals and special discounts on local businesses approved by the tourism board.

Brand's Marketing Message

When the mercury on the thermometer rises, the rates take a drop in Scottsdale. You can plan an incredible getaway for all ages in the sizzling heat of summer by staying cool indoors or rising with the sun to enjoy outdoor activities. Scottsdale offers over 70 resorts and hotels to fit every budget. Find all the best details and tips on how to make the most of a summer vacation in Scottsdale at ItsThatHot.com.

Our Producing Concept

DN Media to produce a 90-second video story, then pitch and place it in 10 targeted local stations across the country over the course of 3 months.


10 TV segments on local lifestyle and morning shows
  • Produced custom broll for media tour using client’s website and DN Media’s file video resources.
  • Placed segment package on The Weather Channel. Deliverable was just for local programs.
  • Features in round-ups on the TODAY Show, The Weather Channel, and NewsNation  
Scroll below to see the content.

Selected Featured Segments

The Weather Channel

Segment Market Reach: 120,000

Midday Maryland

Segment Market Reach: 120,000

Good Day Marketplace

Segment Market Reach: 68,274


Featured in round-ups on national news and morning shows.


Segment Market Reach (combined): 2,668,000


Segment Market Reach (combined):  90,000

Here's what the brand manager had to say:

We love partnering with Dayvee Sutton. She and her team and Dream Network Media always deliver way beyond our initial package, which is why we keep working with you all year after year. The extras are really the overall win for us. I watch the TODAY show every single morning, so it’s amazing to see us on there. You did a fantastic job 😊
Emily L.
Senior Communications Manager


On Demand Segments Case Study


The Campaign

Hopper partnered with DN Media to book five (5) on-demand segments to promote their Travel Deal Tuesday sale.

Brand's Problem to Solve

Brand awareness campaign to promote Hopper’s Travel Deal Tuesday sale and features of the app, including notifications to your phone.

Brand's Goal

Brand wanted to partner with Dayvee Sutton for broadcast opportunities in targeted local TV broadcasts.

Brand's Marketing Message

The #1 most downloaded travel app in North America! We aspire to be the world’s best — and most fun — place to book travel.

Our Producing Concept

DN Media will pitch, book and produce five (5) opportunistic TV segments that feature travel tips on how to get travel deals, that will include using the Hopper app.  Segments will be in studio in targeted markets over the course of 3 months.


5 in-studio TV segments on local lifestyle shows
The Weather Channel segments were added as a bonus, and air live on two different shows.
Scroll below to see the content.

Selected Featured Segments

Las Vegas Now

Segment Market Reach: 71,390

Great Day Louisiana

Segment Market Reach: 64,512


The Weather Channel

Segment Market Reach (combined):  527,207

IMG 4689 1
Segment 1: 7:40a
IMG 9377
Segment 2: 9:40a

Here's what the brand manager had to say:

The segments look great. They are always great. We love how Dayvee seamlessly hits all the points for how to use the app with helpful travel tips!
Lindsay S.
Senior Communications Manager


Interested in working with us

Why Choose Dream Network Media

At Dream Network Media, our pre-production process is finely tuned to transform your marketing message into compelling, newsworthy content. We start by blending your marketing objectives with our creative insights, ensuring the final product resonates well with both the client’s aims and the audience’s interests. Our experienced media bookers utilize their deep relationships and keen understanding of the media landscape to assess the feasibility of targeting specific stations, ensuring optimal placement and exposure.

Unlike typical marketers, our team comprises veteran news producers who have honed their skills at top legacy networks across the country. This background enables us to craft segments that are not only timely and relevant but also more than mere commercials—it’s beautiful, cinematic content that audiences enjoy watching. This approach ensures that while the content serves promotional purposes, it maintains the integrity and appeal of genuine news, blending seamlessly into viewers’ expectations and experiences.

During production, our award-winning storytellers and filmmakers, alongside the most requested technicians in the industry, come together to create a premium media product. Our production team operates with the efficiency and skill of a much larger crew, enabling us to provide world class output without the premium cost (of extra crew members). Each member of our crew approaches their role with the dedication and precision of an athlete, aiming to deliver nothing short of excellence.

Leading our on-camera presence is Dayvee Sutton, one of the most sought-after TV personalities today. Known for her ability to engage with news anchors and hosts while seamlessly integrating key marketing points, Dayvee ensures that every interview feels fresh and impactful. Her skill in delivering content that captivates and sells without seeming overtly commercial is unmatched—a rare talent even among celebrities. Additionally, we offer a range of vetted lifestyle and travel experts to suit various project needs, or we can provide media training for your in-house spokespersons to bring them up to broadcast standard.

Our media bookers are continuously in tune with the latest happenings in every market, which positions us to target and secure placements on shows that are typically beyond the reach of other media tour companies. This strategic advantage ensures that your content is not only seen but is also seen in the right places, maximizing impact and engagement.


Dream Network Media stands apart from competitors by integrating the art of storytelling with strategic marketing, ensuring that each campaign we undertake is both engaging for viewers and successful in achieving marketing goals. Our approach combines the best of broadcasting expertise, creative content production, and strategic media placements to deliver superior results that not only meet but exceed client expectations. When you choose Dream Network Media, you choose a partner committed to crafting not just a campaign, but a memorable viewing experience.

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