The Kids Travel Show

kids travel show

Show Premise

The Kids Travel Show is all about kids who travel the world. Hosted by award winning travel journalist Dayvee Sutton who introduces us to the awesome travel adventures that kids take with their  families.  

Show Format

The show will feature a rotation the following segments:

  • Adventure stories told by featured kid explorers.
  • Explainers that take a deeper dive into the featured subject.
  • STEAM driven activities that kids can do at home.
  • Special appearances and segments with experts who have special jobs and skill sets in the field.
  • Host Dayvee’s in-the-field feature, where she meets a cool person or has a special experience.
  • Man on the Street (MOS) interviews at popular kids events around the USA.

Why family travel is important

The largest demographic of our population are millennials (age 25-40). Research shows that travel is more important to millennials than buying a home or paying off debt. And when millennials have kids, they take them with them on their vacations. More than half (58%) of U.S. Millennials who traveled overnight last year have children under the age of 18 in the household. Around 40% of US families plan to take a vacation this year. 35% of US tourists vacation as families. 44% of people aged 18-35 travel with their children. 62% of parents take their kids under five years old.

Why this show?

A recent survey as reported by Kidscreen states that 58% of American children multiscreen, using two or more devices in the form of a tablet, phone, computer or TV – at once.


Children do talk about the shows they watch with their parents or guardians, however, and particularly for younger children adults will often co-view the show; the same survey linked above also reports that 85% of parents/guardians co-view in Asia-Pacific. These adults then go on to generate online activity about the show: For example, researching suitability using search engines, exchanging show recommendations with other parents on social media, reading about the show online or downloading content to watch for younger children. Obviously, these adults are also the chief purchasers of merchandise relating to each show.

Charismatic Adult Host

From Mr. Rogers to Mark Summers, Steve from Blues Clues, and the long list of guest-stars on Sesame Street, the grown-up speaking to your kids on their favorite programs have had the unique combination of being an authority figure/expert and their charming best friend (if they were to have an adult best friend).

Carl Azuz is the anchor of CNN 10 (CNN’s student news), a 10-minute digital news show that explains global news to middle and high school students, both domestically and internationally.

“One of the best compliments I get is from the parents who tell me that they are able to sit at the dinner table and discuss world issues with them.”

Carl Azuz, CNN 10

Our host Dayvee Sutton has all of those qualities, which we will demonstrate in the Benefits section of this proposal.

Please enjoy our pilot episode of The Kids Travel Show

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