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The Campaign

Instead of just hosting national travel correspondent Dayvee Sutton for a traditional press trip to the destination, we’ve created a plan to promote the county on local TV segments in three major drivable cities.

Louisville, KY (~2 hour drive)

Chicago, IL (~4 hour drive)

Columbus, OH (~1.5 hour drive)

We also produced a video broll package and a social media promo video as evergreen assets for Butler County to use as promotion on their own platforms.

Brand's Problem to Solve

Build destination awareness from drivable metropolitans – four hours or less – in a memorable and engaging way.

Brand's Goal

Butler County realized that many of their regional neighbors had no idea where they were. The goal was to bring awareness in a big and lasting way – through TV segments that would be evergreen online.

Brand's Marketing Message & Social Media

Road trip to Butler County. A hidden gem just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

@BCDonutTrail  #DonutTrail

@GetToTheBC  #BCInspired #SaturdaySelf

Our Producing Concept

To produce a series of videos in our cinematic lifestyle style for Butler County tourism to distribute on their platforms. We also booked our talent on three TV segments on popular local shows.  The videos covered landmarks and unique things to do for families.

What We Delivered

  • 3 TV segments of drivable markets
  • 2 minute video story
  • 1 minute video story
  • + EXTRAS

TV Segments


Aired live on Wednesday May 22, 2019

Dream Network

Here’s the story on the station’s website:


Aired live on Thursday May 23, 2019
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Here’s the story on the station’s website: thejam/road-trip-to-butler- county


Aired live on Friday May 24, 2019
Dream Network

Here’s the story on the station’s website:

Check it out on Youtube:

2 minute video story of Butler County

Private link per client request.


1 minute video story of Butler County, suitable for social media

Private link per client request.



It is always our pride to over deliver.

So, check out what else we did for this campaign!

A few lifestyle photos

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Posts on @DayveeSutton’s social media

Search Instagram on @DayveeSutton or by these tags: @BCDonutTrail#DonutTrail
@GetToTheBC #BCInspired#SaturdaySelf
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And live stories during the FAM.

Dream Network

This wasn’t a social media driven campaign, but check out a couple of posts and the engagement from Dayvee Sutton’s Instagram.

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Here's what the brand manager had to say:

We loved working through the vision of this campaign with Dream Network Media. Dayvee Sutton and team are so talented. They were able to transform our marketing concepts for the destination into stories that made good TV!
Tracy K.
Director of Marketing


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