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Beyond the Usual

“Beyond the Usual” takes you  on a journey of extraordinary experiences. It’s a travel show produced and hosted by two-time National Emmy Award winning journalist Dayvee Sutton, who seeks out the most unique adventures, people, destinations and bucket-list experiences, and takes you along for the ride.
Two seasons were produced for Amazon Prime Video and is now syndicated on various streaming platforms.
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Extraordinary Experiences

“Extraordinary Experiences” is a syndicated adventure travel series featured on USA TODAY & the blog “The Daily Affair”. Each segment features “bucket list” activities hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Dayvee Sutton. 
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Lonely Planet

DN Media produces segments for Dayvee Sutton as one of the Pathfinder hosts for Lonely Planet’s digital videos. You can see her take viewers on adventures around the planet while teaching travel tips to promote ethical and sustainable travel.
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CNN Airport Network

DN Media, led by Dayvee Sutton, co-produced a series of segments that ran on CNN Airport Network.

What to Watch at the Movies

What to Watch at the Movies” is a syndicated franchise entertainment segment that previews upcoming films hitting the big screen. Each week, the charismatic host, Dayvee Sutton, delivers sneak-peak movie clips, celebrity interviews and behind the scene set visits on your favorite lifestyle program. 
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Travel Trivia

DN Media was commissioned by Instagram as one of the early content creators to produce a series when they were launching IGTV. DN Media produced and launched the game show “Travel Trivia”. Questions  announced every Monday; answers  on Wednesday.
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NBA FrontPage

NBA FrontPage” was the first full production from DN Media. The webseries/podcast ran weekly from October 2008 through April 2012 and was an internet sensation. The popular video spawned the website.
The series ended with 113 episodes and was available via rss feed and on itunes.

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