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Join adventure traveler Dayvee Sutton as she immerses in local cultures through her journeys to some of the most spectacular places on Earth.

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Your Next Trip

Expert travel reporter Dayvee Sutton travels the world sharing destination highlights you can add to your travel wish list.

Reach TV is America’s largest in-airport tv network

Black American Expats

The documentary film explores a movement of Black Americans who are leaving the United States and moving to other countries. This film focuses on the growing community in the Mexican Caribbean that emigrated during the pandemic.

Hotel Hopper

The only television show that takes you on the wildest adventures from the most gorgeous hotels in the world.

Forget what you have seen of shows about hotels. This show draws audiences in by featuring the most dynamic parts of a property through cinematic storytelling from our Emmy-award-winning producing team.

Live TV segments

Our founder Dayvee Sutton is a national TV journalist and personality. She appears on several programs across different networks. Dayvee covers travel, local cultures and the environment. 

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